Individual classes

Individual classes
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Individual classes
for children, youth and adults

Guitar lessons are dedicated to people at both the beginner and the advanced stage. During the classes, we perform a repertoire of various genres and styles of music such as rock, jazz, blues, pop and many others. In addition, we develop technical skills needed to move freely on the fingerboard, improve the techniques of playing the dice and fingers, and build musical awareness through learning theories and ear training. All this in a friendly atmosphere under the supervision of a wonderful and qualified teacher!

Learning to play the guitar develops creativity, self-discipline, manual and cognitive skills. When we engage in it by exercising regularly, it brings us a lot of satisfaction!

Duration of classes: 45 minutes •  Price of 1 lesson: 130,00 zł
Duration of classes: 60 minutes  • Price of 1 lesson: 150,00 zł

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