Individual classes

Individual classes
Warsaw Music Academy Band
Warsaw Music Academy Band 16+
Recording studio and music production
The influence of music on development of mind
Music production lessons

Music production lessons

Individual classes
for children, youth and adults

Music production is a class where you will learn to create your own music, regardless of the genre in which you want to pursue. We will introduce you to Ableton Live operation, methods of working with sound and sound creation techniques. During the classes, we focus on transferring knowledge in the field of studio recordings, song arrangement and reproducing previously heard sounds on analog synthesizers. You will also learn how to create a live act from your own songs and then transfer it to the stage. We invite you to the classes, regardless of whether you are just taking your first steps in music production, or you already have your first projects on your account and would like to organize your knowledge.

Duration of classes: 45 minutes •  Price of 1 lesson: 130,00 zł
Duration of classes: 60 minutes  • Price of 1 lesson: 150,00 zł

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