Individual classes

Individual classes
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Individual classes
for children, youth and adults

Drum lessons are aimed at both beginners and more advanced people who want to improve their playing and broaden their musical horizons. During the classes we learn, among others:

  • performing various musical styles such as: rock, pop, funk, jazz, classical and many others
  • reading sheet music
  • postures behind the drum kit
  • the correct holding of the sticks and the setting of the game camera
  • playing techniques with arms and legs
  • improvisation
  • playing grooves, go along with the music in the form of background music
  • developing the student's sense of pulse, musicality and sensitivity. An important element of the classes, especially for people starting their adventure with drumming, is practicing snare drills. Thanks to them, the student can learn the necessary basics, without which it is impossible to play and really develop in the game on a drum kit in the long term.

In addition, the drumming classes help the student, among others in:

  • logical thinking
  • motor coordination
  • focus and attention
  • expressing your emotions through the game

All this in a friendly atmosphere under the supervision of a wonderful and qualified teacher!

Duration of classes: 45 minutes •  Price of 1 lesson: 125,00 zł
Duration of classes: 60 minutes  • Price of 1 lesson: 145,00 zł

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