Individual classes

Individual classes
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Individual classes
for children, youth and adults

Violin lessons are intended for both beginners and advanced students. During the classes, we use specialized methods of work that make our students achieve high results in the field of art, which is playing the violin. The repertoire performed by the students is selected according to their musical preferences. We learn to play both classical and popular music. Lessons are conducted in a friendly atmosphere under the supervision of a qualified teacher!

During the classes:

  • we learn to hold the instrument and bow correctly, which allows freedom in playing in the long run
  • we learn to put our fingers on the fingerboard in the right places so as to be able to extract the sounds from the instrument that are necessary to perform songs or songs
  • parallel to the violin issues introduced, we learn the basics of the theory and ear training

Commitment to learning to play this beautiful instrument and being systematic can give the player a lot of satisfaction and a lot of fun!

Duration of classes: 45 minutes •  Price of 1 lesson: 130,00 zł
Duration of classes: 60 minutes  • Price of 1 lesson: 150,00 zł

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