Individual classes

Individual classes
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Vocal lessons

Vocal lessons

Individual classes
for children, youth and adults

Vocal lessons are aimed at both beginners and advanced learners who want to develop their vocal and songwriting skills, as well as deepen their knowledge of vocal art. During the classes, our students learn about various techniques of voice emission, such as MIX, which enable us singers to use the full scale of the voice in a natural and healthy way. Everyone who attends the classes after the trial lesson receives a specially selected plan and a set of exercises in the field of voice emission and work on the music repertoire.

During vocal classes we practice:

  • voice emission
  • diction
  • interpretation of songs from various genres and musical styles, such as pop, soul, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and we also develop musicality and rhythmicity.

In addition, we prepare for competitions, festivals, talent shows, performances, recording sessions, exams for primary and secondary music schools, as well as music and theater academies. With each of our students, we focus on a specific goal that we persistently pursue. All this in a friendly atmosphere under the supervision of a wonderful and qualified teacher!

Duration of classes: 45 minutes •  Price of 1 lesson: 130,00 zł
Duration of classes: 60 minutes  • Price of 1 lesson: 150,00 zł

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